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Advanced Masterclass
Systemic Wisdom & Constellations with Horses

Refine and deepen your Systemic Intuition and expand your range of Systemic and Constallation work, learning from the wisest systemic teachers:
The Horses


In this highly experiential 4-day retreat - from Monday lunch until Friday lunch - we take you on a journey to refine and deepen your systemic intuition by seeing it reflected by the horses.
We are expanding your systemic toolkit and your range of constellation modalities. 
Thoughout this week, the horses are our wise teachers.  By constellating in the meadow or indoor arena we experience how horses make visible what needs to be seen. 
Experience first hand what it truly means to be part of the herd and let yourself be amazed by how the herd naturaly offers space for healing movements in our systemic interventions.


MARCH , 2025 (exact date follows soon)


Seeing and sensing systemic dynamics in family systems and organizational systems

Identifying the systemic weight and/or unintegrated energy

Wisdom of the Herd

Including nature’s systemic intelligence in your coaching and constellation work

Learning to trust your natural sensitivity while being a powerful leader

Polyvagal Theory

Trauma informed coaching: polyvagal theory and its application in systemic work

+ what about experiencing Trauma as a Facilitator/coach


The power of healing sentences and healing movements

A range of structures/modalities to support your diagnostics and to hold your interventions

Embodiment as a coach/facilitator/leader

Your place as a systemic coach/facilitator (including in relationship to the herd)

Discernment between your own systemic blueprint and the client’s systemic landscape and question (to avoid transference and counter transference)

From Doing to Being

Horses teach us to act not from the past but from the here and now, instantly and without judgement.
It is a wise, universal knowlegde we as humans can tap into.

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Meet Your Facilitators

Mieke and Veerle met through their love for horses and their shared passion for Systemic Constellations.
These two radiant ladies were meant to come toghether to join forces and share their findings and wisdom with the world.

Early Bird

Sign Up early and
receive a discount fee of - 500 euros

Info & Location


2024: fully booked

Date for 2025 follows soon.

Program schedule

Monday: welcome and lunch as of 12.30 PM, program: 2 to 6 PM, free evening

Tuesday: program 9.30 AM to 6 PM and 7 to 9.30 PM

Wednesday: program 9.30 AM to 6 PM, free evening

Thursday: program 9.30 AM to 6 PM and 7 to 9.30 PM

Friday: program 9.30 AM to 1 PM, followed by lunch


For the program itself, we are hosting you in the magnificent Manorhoeve in Belgium, which offers us multiple options to work with the horses and the herd, both indoors and outdoors and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Not Included

  • Lodging (and dinner on the free evenings)


Please find below a few options for hotels and B&B, all within 5 kilometers of Manorhoeve.


Mercure Hotel Roeselare:

Parkhotel Izegem:


Boutique hotel Ter Wallen:


  • Flight and transportation to the venue


If you haven’t studied with one of us before, please set up an intake call so that we get an indication of your systemic journey so far.

There is no prerequisite to have any experience with horses or to have access to horses. Most of you will probably not actively work with horses in the future. The horses are our teachers in this program, as they will template a refined and heightened systemic awareness so that this masterclass becomes an embodied experience.  

Due to its international character,  this masterclass will be given in English.

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