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Every training or workshop sets you in motion both physically and mentally. By allowing the collaboration of body and mind, you learn to trust yourself more and act more from your own strength. This is the ideal path to start living your full potential!

Systemisch Coachen met (en zonder) Paarden

For 10 months, we will be on this journey together. You gain insights into the principles of systemic work and learn how family and system constellations can provide significant added value to your coaching practice (and in your own life). You learn how to enhance and utilize your sensitivity in your guidance and in your everyday life. You gain understanding of how to restore balance in your family system and learn what it means to operate from your rightful place, empowered to function at your best.

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Advanced Masterclass

Refine and deepen your Systemic Intuition and expand your range of Systemic and Constallation work, learning from the wisest systemic teachers:
The Horses

Coachingstrajecten Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching

Veerkracht Traject

Heb je het gevoel dat je altijd energie te kort komt? 
Wil je beter leren omgaan met stress of drukte?

Wil je met meer energie en focus aan de slag?

Heb je het gevoel dat het anders moet, maar weet je nog niet helemaal (of helemaal niet) hoe? 

Dan is dit individuele traject voor jou!

Je krijgt:

  • Inzicht in je talenten, je drijfveren en je groeikansen.

  • de juiste tools om meer in je kracht te gaan staan en van daaruit stappen te zetten om jouw droom te manifesteren.

  • Een concreet actieplan die jou in staat stelt om jouw privé en/of werksituatie met meer vitaliteit en levensvreugde te beleven!

Het traject kan ook via loopbaancheques betaald worden.

Equi- Traject

Horses are masters in body language, very sensitive, pure, loyal and they live in the 'here and now'.
They show us without judgement where we deal with tension and create with the herd a safe space for deep healing.

In these coaching sessions it is the Konik horses of  'De Natuurkudde' who assist us. These primal horses live 24/7 in the soothing environment of the forest in Ursel, the largest forest in East Flanders. Their unique, natural wisdom is unmistakable and the location in the forest completes this magical picture.

You don't need any experience with horses.

Coachingstrajecten Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching
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