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Coaching Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching

Live Your Full Potential

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Meet Veerle

Certified Coach & Trainer

Whether you want to increase your vitality or learn to better cope with stress, the key to more joy, success, and fulfillment is always hidden within yourself. I assist you in unlocking and utilizing that key, so that the right doors can also open for you.

Veerle Vandendriessche, coaching with Horses,  Coaching Kruisem, Ehwaz Coaching
What can you expect

Balance in Body
& Mind

goal-oriented coaching

Somatic Body Approach

Healthy Goals

Individual Plan

Coaching Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching

The road to a vital life begins on the path of self-love. Take your first step today!

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Coaching Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching

Systemic Coaching with horses

Coaching Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching

Resilience Course

Coaching Kruisem | Ehwaz Coaching

Equi Course


I never imagined that a horse could reflect you so clearly. What I couldn't achieve in 6 months with a psychologist, I accomplished in 2 to 3 months with the equicoaching trajectory! It's incredibly educational, and Veerle is simply the best! Top coach!"

Leen Ide - CEO YogFitStudio 

The insta-feed: @ehwaz.coaching

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